With all the crimes shown in the media today, it pays to be a little more careful. To protect your home from harm, you can put up extra security measures like installing home security cameras or putting up additional locks on your door. However, protecting yourself from people you meet every day is quite a different story, as it can be a bit trickier. In reality, how much do you really know about the person you are going out with? Is his name and job title enough to trust him or her? How about that new neighbor that just moved in next-door, how sure are you that they pose no harm? As we are all well aware of, criminals do not always look like they are one. Some are well kept that you won't suspect a thing until you become one of their victims. Because of this, doing a basic criminal background check is rather advisable. Fortunately, there are companies today dedicated to doing a background check for personal use, one of which is the Intelligater They provide basic data like phone numbers and addresses to more sensitive details like criminal records.